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Web pages

Web page is one of the key factors of business. We try to find an optimal solution for every client. It is important for the client to be satisfied but also for the web page to be functional. Our work includes registering domain, leasing web hostings, opening business e-mail addresses, design and redesign of existing pages, graphic processing of images and all web elements, creating programme solutions, CMS...Before starting to create a page it is enough for You to contact us so we can together analyze the needs of Your on-line adverising, create a financial construction and compose an offer. If the offer is accepted, we arrange for materials (the client delivers existing or we create needed materials to sum it all up). Prices of web pages range from 1500 euro upwards, depending on materials, programmer solutions and other factors. We create „responsive design pages“ which are adaptable for all devices and optimized for search engines and social networks. Since most clients deal with this process for the first time, You can contact us or stop by for a preliminary meeting in which you will gain all needed information.